Glendale Animal Hospital

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Our Veterinary Specialty Services

Glendale Animal Hospital strives everyday to give your pet the best care possible. Technology in veterinary medicine has truly boomed in the last decade. Practicing good medicine and surgery requires some specialized equipment that we proudly offer for the finest care of your beloved pet.


Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays (radiographs) allow far greater sensitivity for viewing all body parts. We have been able to diagnose foreign bodies that would not be visible on a traditional x-ray. The detail of a DR image is unsurpassed.


CO2 Surgical Laser

For nearly a decade, we have performed laser surgery. Until a few years ago, we were one of only 4 practices in the Chicagoland area to offer laser surgery. The benefits of laser surgery include less post-operative pain, less bleeding, less bruising, and a more cosmetic healing. We feel it is imperative that all declaws are performed with a laser. Cats no longer have to be bandaged, they recover much faster, and they experience much less pain than performing the traditional declaw. Oral and rectal surgeries are simpler, more bloodless, and virtually free from pain. The laser also makes available some treatment options available for chronic problems that were previously hopeless, such as treatment of lick granulomas and stomatitis. Small skin growths can be removed with a local anesthesia on an outpatient basis.


Video Otoscopy

A dog or cat's ear is deep, bent, and difficult to assess fully awake. A video otoscope not only allows us to evaluate the ear completely, but also allows us to biopsy, curette, culture, retrieve foreign material, flush more thoroughly, and even operate on ears.


Dental Equipment

At Glendale Animal, we perform dental procedures with the latest equipment, which allows us to be thorough in our assessment and treatment of dental disease. Our high-speed drill enables us to perform a less traumatic extraction and shorten anesthetic time. Dental x-ray is also available for us to evaluate tooth roots, and know when extractions are necessary. We do refer for specialty dental work, such as root canals.



An ultrasound allows us to look at organs on the inside. To see the architecture of a kidney, liver or bladder can yield quite a bit of useful information in the diagnosis of disease. It can also be useful as a guide to biopsy organs without surgery, and collect urine samples directly from the bladder.


Flexible Endoscopy

This wonderful tool allows us to non-invasively collect biopsies of the stomach and upper intestines, or the colon. We can visually assess the inside of airways, or the upper GI tract and colon. In some cases, we can even retrieve foreign objects from a dog or cat's GI tract, avoiding major surgery.


In House Laboratory

GAH is fully equipped with lab equipment allowing us to have blood results within 20 minutes. We can measure organ function, hormone levels, and assess the immune system quickly if needed.


Surgical Monitoring

Our surgical monitoring equipment continuously evaluates the condition of patients under anesthesia. Though it is assumed by many that all hospitals provide this service, unfortunately that is not the case. At all times, we know our patient's heart rate, respirations, and core body temperature. We have a continuous EKG running and can also monitor blood pressure throughout a procedure. All of this instrumentation protects your pet while under anesthesia. All patients receiving IV fluids are also regulated using IV pumps that administer the fluids at a precise rate for that patient.