Glendale Animal Hospital

1144 Main St
Glendale Heights, IL 60139


Our Kennel Staff

Our kennel staff ensures that your pet has the most comfortable experience during their stay. They make sure that food, water, and bedding are always available. They also help care for the Safe Harbor Rescue cats and kittens until they find their forever homes! They keep Glendale Animal Hospital and the Safe Harbor adoption room clean and smelling great! Overall, our dedicated kennel personnel maintain our hospital's sanitation to provide a well suited environment for your pet's medical needs, as well as never hesitating to lend a helping hand.


Gabe, Kennel Assistant & Veterinary Assistant 

Gabriel has worked with Glendale Animal Hospital since 2014. Gabe started as a kennel worker and also cross trained as an assistant to the technicians and doctors. Gabe likes to spend her free time watching her 4 yr old daughter, Mia, do gymnastics. On her days off she likes to head to Chicago to enjoy the parks, beaches and museums.

Angela, Kennel Assistant

Angela has been a kennel assistant at Glendale for 1 year and has learned so much! Before working at Glendale she worked at a pet store for 5 years and volunteered at a cat shelter. When she’s not making the hospital shine (with the other kennel staff), she’s walking dogs and pet sitting with her friend Carol.